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Friday, April 18, 2008

Unfair competition law in Hong Kong

China has promulgated its anti-unfair competition law, but we don't have a widely covered law in this area except we have industry specific law covering telecom and broadcasting industries. Recently there are a lot of louder voice on media talking about some supermarkets may utilize their dominated position in retail segment, showing they offer cheapest prices of their commodities, but actually they are not when comparing with the ones from small grocery stories.

This is really a alarming signal to general public, that we may be suffered from the unfair competition market here. Although the Government is trying her best to have a more better law in this area, but so far the progress is slow, and so ad hoc basis. In January 2008's Asia Law, there are voice saying that it is unlikely that the Government will initiate more comprehensive competition law in the near future, probably because of the resisted voice from big figures from commercial sectors.

China has allowed HK to maintain existing law system, so that we have one country, two system for 50 years unchanged. I hope the guys here don't misinterpret it and try to keep the unfair law system in HK untouched for another 50 years.

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