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Sunday, May 4, 2008

IP law enforcement in China

I read Mr. Mertha's report on IP right enforcement in China today, and do agree that China has still far from effective in IPP regime vs. Western Standard. I saw Mr. Mertha's endeavor in presenting a picture to westerners who are interesting in IP development is a quite neutral effort, from his academic background. Indeed, being working in China for many years, I saw there are many areas in government operation requiring further improvement. On the other hand, I also believe that, when accepting China to the global business community for a mutual benefit consideration, many people at the same time have bias towards China's progress in law enforcement. China is still finding her way of absorbing the best from western and mixing with her unique way of handling legal development, taking into account of her current economic, culture and social factors. The best thing we can do is patiently providing our advices to people in China, by all means, to improve as much as they can in rules and law.

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